Who We are



A dream which is coming true
Hello, I’m Paolo but my nickname is DIPO and I’m the owner of the business Big Games River Po.  In the last few years I’ve worked in the construction industry always in contact with buildings and cement, however my thought has constantly been into my beloved fish (of course the ones you find in the river Po) like BARBELS, MULLETS, REELS, ETC ALTHOUGH MY FAVOURITES ARE CARPS AND TORPEDOS. That’s why my company ‘s called “Big Games River PO”. I just wanted to turn my passion into a real  green business aimed at respecting the environment. Step by step the idea of becoming a fishing guide became true and now here I am ready to share fishing and nature with you (as you can see from the picture above). I’m licensed for professional  and  tourist fishing . I use a 6.30 – metres , flat bottomed  boat equipped with a latest generation 70 CV  4-stroke Yamaha engine,  80 ah electric motor with foot control Guide, Double depth sounder, one aft and one on the bow, electric motor at the stern from 54 ah, life jackets of all sizes and all the obligatory equipment in complying with navigation rules.